Ever have one of those days that trigger lots of memories? Today was a beeeeuuuutiful day in London, hitting highs of 22 degrees which is completely unheard of for April (or pretty much any other time of the year for that matter…). Some lovely things happened today: we took Munchkin to the Zoo for the 1st time (more of that to follow in a subsequent post), we had Jer’s best friend Chris come over to visit from Germany, one of my best friend’s Helen came to hang out with us at the Zoo, Munchkin said lots of new words and best of all, I got to take a bath and chill out by MYSELF for almost 2 hours this morning. This last thing is probably the most valued time I have had in the last few months, genuinely. I had time to sit in a lovely scented bath, read a book that I have already read about 10 times (Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, if you are interested), take a shower, wash my hair, put body lotion on (when does that EVER happen?), spend more than 3 and half minutes putting my make up on and just potter. Deeeelightful.

Getting back to the real point of this post, maybe this chilled out mood made me notice things and be in touch with my sensory side more that usual.

I took a shower using my favourite shower gel. It is by an Italian company called Ortigia and the one I use is called Sandalo (or Sandalwood). Every time I use it takes me back to holidays by the Mediterranean. In the white-hot heat of the day, as you head to the beach, there are these pine forests that are right on the edge of the water. This is where people park their cars in the shade and the heat brings out the smell of the pine trees very strongly. Mix this with the sea air and you have the smell of this shower gel. To me it equals all that is romantic, exotic, full of nature and most of all, anticipation. Not a bad thing to be reminded of every morning when you get in the shower!

My second sensory memory flashback was triggered by music. As I had the house to myself this morning I also got to indulge my taste in music that goes unappreciated by Jer. Nothing like dancing round the kitchen, loading the dishwasher and clearing up to the sound of Roxy Music. These songs take me back about 14 years to when I lived in Venice as a student. I shared a room with an english girl called Alice and we had a very tiny, rubbish cassette tape player in our room. Between us we had about 4 tapes and one of them was the Best of Roxy Music. When I hear certain songs I am back sat in that room, in the dark with this spanish boy I had fallen head over heels for and it reminds me what it is like to feel the first flush of love.

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