Bad mood and biscuits

Ain’t a good combination! I am sat being a real grump and there just happens to be a box of Ginger cookies next to me. If I don’t stop now I’ll eat the entire lot. I am definitely one of those people who turns to sweet stuff to pick me up.
Why the bad mood? Well, munchkin and I have pretty much had to spend the entire weekend by ourselves. Jer got called up about a work issue yesterday ( Saturday) and spent pretty much from 3pm to 9pm on the phone and the computer. We went to buy munchkin new shoes and he barely had time to help pick out a pair before the phone rang again.
This morning he went on a call at 10 am and didn’t re-emerge from our Rooney till after 12.30 to then announce that he had to go into the office and wouldn’t be back till at least 6pm.
I am trying my best to be the understanding wife because I know it is not his fault but to tell you the truth it is taking all my energy not to snap at him. I’m finding it more and more difficult to carry and lift munchkin as I get more and more pregnant ( I am at the six month mark). This means that doing his mealtimes, taking him out for walks and putting him down for naps and bed is actually quite tiring. It also means that I can’t take him anywhere fun to play like the play park as I get exhausted. Poor munchkin has been limited to walks around our garden and playing indoors the whole weekend. He also seems to have vast amounts of energy and very little patience ( terrible twos hitting early?).
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with munchkin but just finding it harder work than usual.
I am not mad at jer but I am mad at his company for expecting this type of time commitment and I am worried that they will now think it is the norm that he drops everything to “fix” some issue that is happening.
His work life balance really sucks right now and munchkin and I are missing him.
Thankfully, this weekend we go on our one week vacation and the first rule is that blackberries and Internet will be banned!

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One Response to Bad mood and biscuits

  1. Shelley says:

    Unfortunately when you’re in IT these kinds of emergencies can be the norm! If it doesn’t happen very often you’re actually quite lucky and speaks to how much IT has improved since I was last in it 20 years age.

    On the other hand it doesn’t make the issue any less annoying and/or aggravating and being 6 months pregnant doesn’t help! Hope it doesn’t happen again in the near future and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your week in Spain.

    With our love…..Shelley

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