Wedding loveliness by Anthropologie

Yes, I am already married and no, I am not planning to repeat that event but it doesn’t mean that I am still not a tiny bit obsessed by weddings. From frequent looks at blogs I love like to glancing at wedding magazines in the supermarket I just can’t let go of loving the beautiful dresses, pretty flowers and gorgeous table setting.
You can imagine my excitement when one of my favourite stores, Anthropologie, announced they were going to produce a line of wedding dresses! I was so curious to see how they would reflect their slighty offbeat, elegant style in bridal attire.
Now I know…..they launched their new website, BHLDN, a few weeks ago and I have been oohing and aahing ever since. There are lots and lots of pieces I like but here is a snapshot of some of my favourites. Let me know what you think.
The Ethereal Monarch Gown

I love the draping at the top around the shoulders and of course, the fact that it is covered with butterflies. How could you not love?

Trumpeted Pavot Gown

This one I like because of the slightly 1940s/50s feel to it. It is so different from most wedding dresses you see.

Tulle Era Dress

For someone wanting to go with a shorter dress this is pure flapper girl gorgeousness..

They also have a range of dresses which would be suitable either for bridesmaids or to wear if you were a guest at a wedding (or any other time you felt like it!!)

Valenciennes dress

Not crazy about what’s on her head but really like the lace effect on the dress.

Revival Party Dress

I’d be so tempted to buy this dress if I didn’t have a tummy that resembles a watermelon right now 😉

Finally, they have a range of lingerie and accessories which I think are so pretty.

Vanity table peignoir

I would feel like such an old school Hollywood goddess if I owned a robe like this. It is way too pretty to be confined to the house and really you should wear it to receive visitors to your boudoir. Instead of me wearing my old pjs and sitting on the sofa in the living room!

Crystillized chiffon headband

Finally, something for the hairband lovers out there! A bit of bling.

I am sure these sort of things are not to everyone’s taste and to be honest I think their prices are prohibitively high but a girl can dream..

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