Bumper fun

Rainy Saturday mornings in London pretty much mean only one thing. If you want to get a child out of the house then where do you take them?

Well, we went for the indoor play area option. There is a place called Gambado on the river in Chelsea which has been specially designed to entertain the toddlers of south west London. I’ve been a couple of times already with the girls from my NCT group but when Munchkin was a lot smaller. Now he’s much more of an age where he can enjoy this kind of place.

Essentially, there is a gigantic climb/slide/play area which goes up about 3 levels. It is all padded (smile) so kids can run around, throw themselves off things and climb to their hearts’ content. Munchkin is still a bit little to try it out on his own so one of us has to go in there with him. I actually quite enjoyed it the last time and it was the most exercise I had done in a while! Most of all, I admired Munchkin’s devil may care attitude to the whole thing. Nothing is an obstacle to him and he will try his hardest to climb up even some massively high step or ledge. He also has no fear about launching himself headfirst done what to me is a ridiculously high slide. Long may it last but part of me is still very protective towards him.

Jer on the other hand really encourages him and lets him try all these crazy things. Guess that’s what dads do. They had a ball in the big climbing thing while I sat and watched from the side (next time I might bring a magazine 🙂 ).

The other father/son activity they engaged in was to go on the dodgems/bumper cars.

Here is Munchkin’s face when he was watching the cars waiting for his turn.

woohoo, the video now works (thanks Suzanne!) . Here are the boys going around the race track!

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2 Responses to Bumper fun

  1. Suzanne says:

    Moms I know are always taking their kids to places like that, except they all live somewhere else because we have NOTHING that fun within an hour’s drive. I’m starting to consider moving just so we have more rainy-day play options.

    Try putting just the link for the video – not the “embed” code, just the link – in your post. I fought with posting a video all day yesterday until Twitter told me how.

  2. londonmum says:

    cool, thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a go. It’s hard when it is a rainy day. I am happy we have places like this but they are not cheap. It cost about £13 for the 3 of us plus parking so it’s not an every day option by any means.

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