one of those “mum” moments

Today I had one of those moments which I always dreaded before I had kids. Pre-Munchkin I was one of those spectacularly self righteous d.i.n.k.s (double income no kids) who tut-tutted at harassed looking mothers feeding their kids endless biscuits out of an as yet unpaid for packet in the supermarket. (I hate myself…)

This morning I got my come-uppance. Fiona, my nanny, called at 7.15am to say that she was sick and couldn’t come to work. To be fair, she has never yet taken a sick day and she looked like death warmed up on Friday so in no way am I cross with her. However, it did then lead to a debate with the husband about essentially whose day was more “important” and who would have to stay at home with Munchkin. Despite having 5 meetings in my diary for the day he actually had a tougher day than mine so I decided to stay at home. He’s really good about being flexible around issues like this and we really try to divide and conquer so I wasn’t cross with him either.  I moved one of my meetings to a phone call at lunchtime while Munchkin has his nap and shifted the other ones to later in the week.

Now, back to Munchkin: he was awake on and off for quite a bit of the night last night. This is highly unusual as he normally sleeps through but he has a bit of a cold so we put it down to that. He wasn’t crying, just grumbling so we decided to leave him to it and not go into his room in case we couldn’t get him back to sleep. Unfortunately, when Jer went in to get him this morning he discovered that his nappy had come off during the night and his grobag (sleeping bag) was covered in pee pee. Poor little thing was all wet and we had just left him there. Cue both of us feeling like crap parents.

I was a bit frazzled about that, plus having to move meetings, plus realising that I had run out of formula for him and would have to take Munchkin to the shops to get some more. Got him in the car and off we headed. He has recently decided that he is NOT a huge fan of the supermarket and our usual trick of getting him to “help” by putting the groceries into the cart was not cutting it at all today.

So what did I do? What all those harassed mums have done in the past that I had raised an eyebrow at. I got a bag of seedless grapes and started to feed him them as we went around the store. Blatantly ignoring the facts that:

1) they weren’t washed and had probably come off some nasty ass container ship from god knows where

2) it was nearly his lunch time and I was stuffing him full of grapes.

What I didn’t remotely consider was the following. As I got to the checkout I could see the cashier giving me disapproving looks. No biggie…. so she was in a bad mood. But nope, that wasn’t it. She announced really loudly in front of the people ahead of me in the queue that the grapes were sold by weight so I really shouldn’t be feeding them to my child. I had assumed that they were a set price otherwise I would NEVER have given them to Munchkin. I felt myself turn absolutely crimson and started apologising profusely, even offering to take them back and get a new bag (yes, because every shop wants a half eaten bag of grapes returned to their shelves..). I also grabbed the bag from Munchkin and put it on the conveyor belt, resulting in major bottom lip wobbling and squeals of horror from him.

To be fair, the grumpy cashier lady then took pity on me and put the grapes through as the first item so I could give them back to Munchkin and that was about it. She also started a conversation about how great it was that he ate fruit as he shoved like 30 more grapes into his bulging tearstained cheeks.

However nice she was I still felt like a rubbish harassed mum and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there.

So there…. that’s what I get for all those years of being high and mighty about how other people bring up their kids.

You can’t win 😉 I have a horrible feel it happens to the best of us, right?

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2 Responses to one of those “mum” moments

  1. Shelley says:

    All I can say is LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It truly was a horrible day but having been there (I don’t want to remember how many times) I just burst out laughing so please forgive my black humor!

    Love from us…..Shelley

  2. londonmum says:

    ha ha i forgive you. It was pretty hilarious (afterwards….)

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