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Bumpwatch week 23

Latest photos from our bumpwatch photoshoot! We’ve been really bad at keeping up with this and I don’t want Cupcake (temp baby name) to feel that she is not getting the same royal treatment that Munchkin got. I am now … Continue reading

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wherefore art thou remote control?

Can someone tell me where Munchkin has hidden our TV remote control? It has been missing for over 24 hours and we are forced to get up off the sofa and change the channel old skool style by using the … Continue reading

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one of those “mum” moments

Today I had one of those moments which I always dreaded before I had kids. Pre-Munchkin I was one of those spectacularly self righteous d.i.n.k.s (double income no kids) who tut-tutted at harassed looking mothers feeding their kids endless biscuits … Continue reading

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Derek Lam crowd surfing collection for eBay

Now, before I start this post I hope you know that I am not doing this as a plug for eBay because I work for the company. That is not what my blog is about at all as I am … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung

When I was at primary school we had a substitute teacher who taught us the following poem: Spring is sprung Da grass is riz I wonder where dem boidies iz Da little boids is on da wing Ain’t dat absoid … Continue reading

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Holiday to Majorca booked!!

After my last few posts you may have gathered that we seem to be in need of a holiday. Feeling a bit ragged and in need of some sunshine and a last break before the new baby comes. Today we … Continue reading

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Half Moon Bay

Stopped off briefly at Half Moon Bay on the way from the office in San Jose to the airport in San Francisco. Gave me a much needed glimpse of the ocean and I remembered how to breathe. Beautiful place…

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