Poorly baby

We have been very fortunate up until now in that Munchkin has never really been sick apart from a cough and a cold.
This week, however, we have had a very poorly little man indeed. It started on Thursday when we got him up in the morning and Jer said he smelt like puke. I went back into the room and switched on the light and the entire cot looked like the exorcist mixed with the sopranos in that there was a lot of the previous day’s spaghetti bolognese splattered everywhere. Sorry to get graphic on you but if you have only ever dealt with little baby milk puke then toddler puke is a bit of shock!
He has been ill since then although thank goodness the puking has stopped. It is all coming out the other end resulting in sofa covers having to be washed and clothes being changed at frequent intervals. We even had to out precious Bear Bear ( Munchkin’s best friend toy who he loves even more than Mama and Dada) in the washing machine after a particularly bad episode.
Today he has managed to eat a little banana but not much else.
The heart breaking part is that he seems like another kid. Gone is my laughing, jumping, crazy boy and he has been substituted by a boy who doesn’t want to do anything except sit on the sofa, hold Bear Bear, suck his thumb and watch YouTube videos ( hey you’ll try anything to raise a smile out of a poorly kid…).
Makes me feel such a rush of protectiveness and love towards him and I wish I could explain to him that he has an upset tummy and will be ok soon.
Fingers crossed it is working its way out of his system and he will be back to dragging me off the sofa to play as soon as possible.

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