Too much?

Today I had 12 meetings. It would have been 13 but I cancelled one.

I work from 9am to 6pm. Somehow the math doesn’t add up.

I work a 4 day week and yet my objective plan for the 1st half of this year equals the amount of work that a normal person can do in 5 days a week.

I have 2 open roles in my team that I am trying to hire for but in the meantime I have to cover 1 of those roles myself.

This actually means I am doing 2 people’s work in a 4 day week.

The person who does work for me is very good. However, when I decided to try and take a step back today and let him handle a project on his own he fell asleep in the meeting with the other stakeholders.  He fell asleep. Asleep. In a meeting with other people I work with. He works hard BUT REALLY? I didn’t even have time to give him sh*t for it as I had to go straight into another meeting.

I was late for my 1st meeting at 9am because my normally brilliant nanny forgot that I had asked her to come 15 mins early to ensure I’d be in on time. By default I was then late for pretty much every subsequent meeting. I was then late home because traffic was insane and Munchkin was overly tired when I got here. This meant that he was super fussy and did not want to go to bed.

I’m hungry and the only thing I have to eat in the house is something which needs to go in the oven for 35 mins which means I won’t eat until after 8pm. Today I had lunch in a meeting at 12.30pm.

I had 4 missed calls on my mobile today: 1 from our insurance company who apparently have some query about our new quote, 1 from my husband’s cellphone company about a refund he needs and they call me because I am using his phone as mine is broken and I haven’t had time to replace it, 1 from my mum about who know what and 1 from an old friend whose calls I haven’t returned in over a week.

Tomorrow they are cutting off the water supply to our flat and it coincides with the day that our cleaner comes and so she won’t be able to do anything. I can’t call her to ask her to come another day because her number is in my old broken phone.

We have guests arriving on Thursday for the weekend and no clean sheets.

My husband is away abroad for work.. again…

Did I mention I’m pregnant?

I also seem to have turned into the most complainy, negative person. Maybe I just need to sleep.

Oh wait, my neighbour plays music at 2am….

Vacation anyone?????

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6 Responses to Too much?

  1. londonmum says:

    realised on reading my post over that I really have no reason to complain if you notice I have a nanny and a cleaner!!!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Dude, even with a nanny and a cleaner this is TOO MUCH for one pregnant woman. I need a nap just reading it. I hope you get to work less and relax more once your husband gets back and you hire someone new for your team.

    • londonmum says:

      thanks for the support. Jer is coming back tonight and has cancelled his trip next week, yay. I guess I am the only one who can really sort out my workload and it is up to me to flag it with my boss (who is very nice).

  3. Samantha says:

    Uh oh. Sounds like a tough day/week. I hope you can get through it!

  4. Shelley says:

    I absolutely think you were entitled to complain about your week. It sounds like it was awful and having a nanny and a cleaner really doesn’t make it that much easier. And “No, I can’t believe your subordinate fell asleep during a customer meeting”:o) To quote my peers “What is this younger generation coming to”:o)

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