Making muffins on a Friday

Last week I was at home on Friday. Normally, I have Wednesdays off but I had to work that day this week so I swapped. It was really nice to have a kind of “unexpected” day off with Munchkin. We went to his music class in the morning and then in the afternoon I decided to make muffins. My baking is normally an unmitigated disaster, as the example in a previous post shows.

However, I get the whim occasionally to give it another go especially as I thought it was something that Munchkin and I could do together. I set him up in his high chair with a little set of cups filled with different things (flour, rice, dried pasta, water) whilst I set to with the muffins. Here’s how it went:

Take some flour, some water, some red rice, some dried pasta. Put into lots of little pots. Put them on your child’s high chair table and let him go to town.

Mixing is the best part..

Time to shove most of the key ingredients off the table… who needs them?

Who says ingredients need to be mixed in bowl??

The lucky part is that Munchkin is equally interested in cleaning up as he is in baking.

Sweep, sweep..

Happy helper boy!

The finished product…

For the record, they were pretty horrible. Whilst there was sugar in the list of ingredients and I even took it out of the cupboard, I started following the recipe and there was a mistake in it which meant that it didn’t mention the sugar. So it didn’t get added. So the muffins were not very sweet.

But Munchkin still loved them… bless…

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