Nearly Christmas

And a busy few days it has been so far. Both Munchkin and I have been hit by bad colds which have necessitated 2 trips to the doctor, one for him and one for me. Luckily, he is feeling a bit better but I have developed a bad throat infection which has me awake all night coughing – blah!!!

I still haven’t made it to the shops to buy anything for Christmas dinner so we may be eating beans on toast at this rate. At least, all the presents have been bought, wrapped and placed under the tree so we are getting there.

Other news is that I took Munckin on Monday to his dad’s work Christmas party. They had laid it out beautifully, like a winter wonderland and of course, he got to meet Santa.

Here’s how it went……

So far, so good (note the Christmas pudding wooly hat – I dread the day when he is too big to wear things like that).

However, we then had the classic kid reaction to santa:

He was not a happy bunny at all. You can hardly blame him as some old dude with a beard was all up in his face. I also think it was due to him not feeling very well.

You can see he’s not well in the photo that Jer took of us at the party.

Poor wee thing. He looks all peaky and bleary eyed.

However, he is feeling much better now as you can see from the photo below;

Hope you and your families are all well and looking forward to Christmas!

Can’t believe there are only 2 days to go!!


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