Wintery wonderland

Man, oh, man. Winter has arrived in London and seems to have caused chaos everywhere. The temperature has been hovering above freezing for the last few days and it snowed yesterday. Proper big old flakes of snow. Munchkin went straight to the living room window yesterday morning and started pointing and saying ‘”ooo, oooo” which we took to mean that he was somewhat surprised by the snow. I, of course, then decided he needed a snowsuit which I suspect he will only end up wearing once and that will be in the end of it. I am sure he will look cute in it though and I’ll take some pictures to show you when we do go out.

Here’s a little snapshot of what he can see out the window

snow scene out the window As you can see the snow doesn’t seem to be sticking around much but let’s see how it goes.

What else has been going on?

Well, outside of the house we went to a very cool place for kids in London. It’s at the Science Museum and in the basement they have a soft play area for little kids. It’s totally interactive with lots of things for them to touch, play, make music with and generally have a great time. Munchkin LOVED it, especially the water feature thing in the picture below. The even cooler thing about it is that it is free. Museums in London are free and the fact that they have areas like this for kids is fantastic. I highly recommend it if you are living in or visiting London.

munchkin playing at the science museum

I love the fact that when it’s cold outside you can cuddle up and keep warm inside. We are super fortunate to have a roof over our heads and a place to keep our child safe and warm, I am thankful every day for that.

Here’s what we have been up to inside.

Having warm baths filled with lovely bubbles (although Munchkin seems a bit perturbed by the bubbles. He’s going through a phase where he doesn’t like things on his hands – have any of you had this with your kids?)

bubble bath


Hanging out with dad watching skateboard/bmx videos on youtube. As you do…

hanging out with dad watching videos


Don’t they look similar?

And finally, I made the move to chop my hair. I got about 4 inches taken off and lightened it a bit. Took ages and cost loads. Did anyone at work the next day notice????? nOOOOOOO. However, I quite like it and I think Munchkin does too.

Excuse the terrible quality but it was taken using the phonebooth app on the mac. It’s the only easy way to get a picture of the 2 of us if Jer isn’t around. Yep, he’s a thumbsucker (Munchkin, not Jer…)

Hope you are all doing well


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4 Responses to Wintery wonderland

  1. Suzanne says:

    My, your husband is good looking. As are you. And your kid. You look like an ad for moving to London and being attractive and fun.

    I am jealous of your free museums. We have nothing of the sort, although when we visit relatives in Ohio their science museum does have a super fun play area complete with water feature similar to that. Still cost and arm and a leg though.

    • londonmum says:

      wow, you have me blushing 😉 I have of course told my husband who is thrilled to bits. I suspect most of the way we come across is that I edit the pictures and don’t post the ones of us running around 1st thing in the morning trying to get ready for work, get Munchkin ready, find some milk etc!
      The free museum thing is such a bonus. We really need to make more time to do stuff like that.

  2. silenceandnoise says:

    Loved these photos! And, yes, Bresho has been going through that phase since he was like 8 months… he cannot stand having his hands dirty. He will hold them up and freak out if they get dirty while he is playing or eating. It’s gotten a bit better, though (he doesn’t mind the bubbles).

    I really like your haircut! I have to get one too, but I have been really lazy lately. I want to get one before dec 31st so I can start 2011 feeling nicer.


    • londonmum says:

      Good to hear that Bresho went through the same thing, I was starting to wonder if Munchkin was OCD or something. (usual mom worry/overreaction)
      Thanks for the haircut comment. Some folks at work have finally noticed on some sort of delayed reaction. It’s fun getting a new haircut and does make you feel all new and nice.

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