what the Munchkin has been up to

Man, I feel like I have completely neglected my blog lately. Not sure why. Maybe a mixture of working too hard, wanting to hang out with kid as much as possible, wanting to spend time with my husband, some good Autumn tv starting and really, just.not.knowing.what.to.write.

The longer I leave it the worse it gets. It starts to become this gargantuan task in my head because I’d have to catch the blog up on so many things. Then I just don’t know where to start so don’t bother. However, time to take the bull by the horns and get back in the game. I have missed mixing up my metaphors.

So, in pictorial form *have to ease myself back in here: here’s what the Munchkin has been up to lately.

By the way, he is nearly 16 months – how the heck did that happen?

The weather has turned chilly  – this means time to wrap up in new scarf

munchkin wearing his new scarf


Hang out in the park kicking up leaves in new wellies

munchkin wearing yellow wellies


Get his 1st hair cut – he went from this….

munchkin pre haircut


to this…

munchkin with short hair

Awwwww, I loved his wild hair but about 7 people in the space of about a week had told me what a lovely little girl he was. Have to admit he looks like a real little boy now and so grown up.

The place we took him to get his haircut was great. That is going to be my next blog post if I can get the photos of the experience off of my husband’s iphone!

Glad to be back


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2 Responses to what the Munchkin has been up to

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    Waaaaaaa. not his hair!!!! BUT it does look great! I love the style. We also went for a haircut and it was an absolute mess. The hairdresser was good, but Bresho was being a little (ok, A LOT) dramatic so it’s pretty bad.
    I totally understand what you mean about blogging. It’s the same for me. Whenever I don’t feel like blogging, I make the effort to at least post a photo (which is often if you look back through my posts). Maybe that would help you too?!
    Missed you 🙂

  2. londonmum says:

    thank you for the comment. It is hard to get back in the swing of it but glad I have. I love to read your blog, even if it is a post with just a photo so i’ll make more of an effort.
    His haircut was more traumatic for me than him. We took him to this special kid’s hairdressers where they put them in little airplanes and cars (like rides) and have dvds with cartoons. He cried a little bit and then I think started loving the attention!

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