Real moms bake cookies


Under some mistaken conviction that in order to be a good mum I had to bake cookies with my kid I gave it a go.

I forgot, however, that I can’t actually bake. No really, I am rubbish. I am a pretty hot cook of the savoury stuff but make me involve sugar, flour, dough or any such thing and it all goes pearshaped (that means very, very wrong where I come from).

Here is the evidence:

plate of cookies

The reason they are all flat, greasy and welded together is because I decided in my infinite baking wisdom that there wasn’t enough butter in the recipe (can you see where it started to go wrong?) and kept adding it. Completely didn’t think through the fact that this meant they would essentially fry themselves in the oven. This is not a good thing.

Here you can see my dear son’s reaction to having been forced to eat a bit of one:

aidan doesn't really like the cookies

As my blog friend Andrea from SilenceandNoise would say: Mom Fail!

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2 Responses to Real moms bake cookies

  1. Shelley says:

    So next time (if there is one) you’ll know to follow the recipe:)

    Aidan’s look is too cute!

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