I have fallen in love with a dress

Very rarely do I feel my heart race about an item of fashion. This is the third time in my life I have actually felt butterflies looking at something that I can wear.

The 1st was a Furla handbag that I couldn’t afford but had to be mine. I still use it and every time I look at it I am ridiculously happy.

The 2nd was my wedding dress – no explanation needed!

And now I have fallen in love again. Shallow be my middle name!  The crazy thing is that I haven’t actually physically seen or touched the object of my desire. I have only seen it in pictures on eBay. I looked at them once, decided I couldn’t afford it, shut the site,then opened it straight up and had another look. This then was repeated about 17 times in a row.

At that point I realised that resistance was futile. It was pretty expensive, I have no idea when or where I can wear it and it is probably too small for me BUT now it is MINE!!!! I am the proud owner of a vintage 1950s evening dress.

Hopefully, when you see the photos below you’ll realise why my love is not misplaced.

dress front

dress back

dress detail

Ahhhhh, true love….

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