Ladies’ night

I wore heels, I didn’t buy a new dress and I didn’t have too much of a hangover.

All in all, a good night out.

Considering we started with learning how to make cocktails at 5pm I lasted ok. Our first cocktail was an interesting start – a Jaeger Bomb. To the uninitiated this is a glass of Red Bull with a shot glass full of Jaegermeister dropped into. To the initiated this is a really dodgy way to start a very long session involving alcohol.  We did however get to learn what goes into some pretty famous cocktails like Cosmopolitan, B52s, Mojitos, although I wouldn’t entirely be telling the truth if I said I could remember them.

After cocktailing we hightailed it to the restaurant where we had dinner arranged. We kept the hen outside (dressed in suitably appropriate hen night attire – pink wig, fairy wings, charity shop wedding dress) while we decorated it with photos of her through the years. Her mum had printed out some photos of us as kids at various birthday parties. It was so fun to see what we looked like at age 6 (we were all cute), age 9 (varying degrees of bowlcut hairstyles.. it was the early 80s) and at age 12 (awkward doesn’t even begin..). Now some of us are old married ladies with babies. How did that happen?

We finished off the evening after parading the poor hen around Oxford Circus in the centre of London in a very dodgy club with very loud music. So loud, in fact, that I couldn’t hear what the people next to me were saying. Either the music in clubs has got 10 decibels louder since I last went or I really do have to admit my age and realise that I no longer have tolerance for really loud music. Oh dear, oh dear.

All in all, a really great evening and a brilliant chance to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a very long time. Some people think hen nights are tacky, some think it’s just a brunch of giggly drunken girls wrecking havoc on the male population. I say….yes, to all the above and what a good thing to do it is!

Here is a photo of the lovely bride-to-be at the start of the night

and here she is after she became the hen…..

Personally, I think she rocks it!!

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