Vive la France

Oh yes, the family is finally on holiday and we are 3 days into our break in France. We have been very fortunate to have kind friends who have lent us their holiday home in the Vendee region of the west of France. It is almost at the mouth of the river Loire and extremely beautiful. The house itself is in a hamlet called La Raisiniere and it is a little joy with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. There is also an annexe with another bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The really great thing about it is that they have twins who are 3 so the place is totally kitted out for toddlers. We hardly had to bring anything with us for Munchkin and he has his own room, complete with wendyhouse, chalkboard and toys.

I was a bit worried about the change of scene for him but despite the odd freak out + 2 new teeth arriving, he is coping admirably. In fact, I’d say he is LOVING it!

Here is a short list of his holiday firsts:

– his first trip to the beach

– his first paddle in the Atlantic ocean (or any ocean!)

-his first sand castle

-his first hole in the sand to hang out in

-his first go at eating sand (it seems there is no way to stop that!)

-his first breakfast with fresh peaches and apricots

-his first swing in the garden

-his first shower with mum (not overly successful 😉 )

-his first time in a wendy house

-his first big old bump on the head (from falling on a tiled skirting board an hour after we arrived.. i nearly turned around and got on the plane)

-his first boogie to ballet

-his first time in a paddling pool

I can’t describe how happy I feel every day watching him try new things, laugh his little baby booty off, fall on the floor and pick himself up again as if nothing was.

We haven’t spent so much time together as a family for a really long time and it is precious, precious, precious.

The best thing is that we have another 10 days ahead of us. I am eternally thankful for this time together.

To celebrate here is a picture of Munchkin in the paddling pool

baby drinking from a hose

Yeah, probably shouldn’t let him drink out of the hose, but hey, he was having fun.

And even more fun on the swing in the garden

Munchkin on the baby swing in france

I love france


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2 Responses to Vive la France

  1. Shelley says:

    What is a padding pool? Glad you’re loving your vacation:) xx

  2. londonmum says:

    a paddling pool is a little round plastic blow up pool for babies to play in in the garden. He wasn’t overly keen at first as the water was a bit chilly but soon got the hang of it x

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