Party time!

Finally, have a spare moment to post the pictures from Munchkin’s 1st birthday party. It was obviously a momentous occasion!

His birthday is the 5th but we decided to have the party on the 4th of July because it was a Sunday and because he is 50% american 🙂

You can guess what the theme was!

snoopy flag

Welcome to the party

I went all out with the 4th of July theme, it was so much fun

Banner saying happy birthday Aidan

Birthday banner

And of course, there was was so yummy

Birthday cake

Yummy cake

And balloons…brought by grandpa

My dad wears a tie to all occasions, even picnics in the garden

and an all american boy outfit

aidan in his outfit

check out my 1950s child

and friends – both Munchkin’s and his mummy and daddy’s

friends at the picnic

enjoying the sun

Best of all, my mum and dad flew over from Ireland to be there especially for the party.

Here is a family shot which I love..

my family

3 generations

and finally, just the 3 of us.

We made it through our 1st year together and how happy we are as a little new family.

husband, wife, baby

All for one...

I love those boys so much.

Hope you enjoyed the birthday party highlights!


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One Response to Party time!

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    I know I am a million (billion?) years late, but this is so cute! I love the photos and the theme is really appropriate. The first birthday is such a bid deal.. I wonder if birthdays after that are just, you know, birthdays… Anyway, love to see you guys so happy. Happy very very very very belated first birthday, baby A! ❤

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