Party Planning

Hard to believe it has arrived already but tomorrow will be the day for Munchkin’s 1st birthday party. His actual birthday is on Monday where he will get spoiled by parents and grandparents alike. My parents are arriving today from Ireland to be able to attend his birthday party. I think it’s lovely especially as we didn’t have a christening or anything religious for him.

We’ll have a small group of friends and babies and the intention is to spend the afternoon in the garden. I am desperately hoping that the good weather we have been experiencing in London hangs on for another day. We’ve picked out a spot under a huge willow tree where we can put out some rugs and the babies can stay in the shade.

We also made a run to pick up a mammoth amount of booze to keep the parents amused! Very Mad Men..  *which is our latest TV addiction. We’ve been downloading it from iTunes and watching it every evening. I love the style of the clothes and the furniture, so glamourous.

Since tomorrow is the 4th of July and our boy is 50% American we are having a USA theme and I have  planned lots of red, white and blue decorations. I hope I haven’t gone over the top and that it doesn’t verge on tacky!

Expect some photos of the day very soon.


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2 Responses to Party Planning

  1. Shelley says:

    Is Very Mad Men the same as Mad Men here in the States. Mad Men is about an advertising firm in the 50’s or 60’s I forget which.

    If it is the same, I and all my friends agree it is an excellent program

  2. londonmum says:

    Yep it’s the same one. Jer and I are addicted to it. We download it onto iTunes and watch it on the laptop. I love the style!

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