How did this happen?

In one week from today, our little munchkin man will be 1 year old. I am stunned, excited, sad, happy, freaked, disbelieving and in denial (which is kind of the same thing as disbelieving but anyway..)

This time last year I was desperate for an appearance. Munchkin was already a week overdue at this stage and every day I was sure that “today is the day” and yet nothing. It was hot, hot, hot and I couldn’t get comfortable at all.

I remember spending most evenings pacing up and down the living room and making my husband come out for evening waddles walks with me.

I remember being at home during the day and watching Wimbledon which was a treat. I briefly considered going down to the courts to see if I could get a last minute ticket for a match but the visions of me going into labour on worldwide TV put me off that idea. I should have gone…

I remember wearing the same summer dress every day because it was the only thing that would fit me and not make me melt from the heat.

I remember going to the local supermarket to get cookies and random strangers wishing me luck.

I remember bumping (almost literally) into Andy Murray the tennis player in the aforementioned supermarket and being SO uncool by just staring at him open mouthed. I am sure he was delighted to encounter a loony woman who looked like she might pop at any second.

I remember being very teary and fed up every time I received yet ANOTHER text or email from a friend enquiring “where is the baby??”

I remember not being able to sleep in the middle of the night and having to get up to drink cold milk and go and sleep in the spare room so I didn’t bother my husband.

I remember playing music from my husband’s cellphone on the bump and watching Munchkin bounce around. I KNEW he’d be a dancer.

I remember trying all the old wive’s tales and being despondent when none of them worked.

Most of all, I remember being so impatient to meet the little man I had been carrying around for 9 months.

They tell you that your life will change so completely when you have a baby. I thought I knew, I didn’t.

I wanted him to be born but now part of me wishes I could carry him with me like that forever and keep him safe.

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One Response to How did this happen?

  1. Shelley says:

    I think every mother “worth her salt” knows what you mean about “keeping safe” Robyn and Jeff are in their 40’s and it’s still hard to see them sometimes travel a rocky road. I’m so grateful both their roads are so much smoother now.


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