Munchkin and I are missing his dad!

baby holding dad's hand

Munchkin holding his dad's hand

My husband is away for work this week in California so Munchkin and I are a team of 2. We function pretty well as a dynamic duo and I love to get him all to myself for a while.

But Munchkin misses his dad especially in the mornings. Normally Jer is the one who goes in to get him up in the morning and they both love that. I lie in bed and listen to the early morning chat which at the moment really consists of “yah” “yah yah” “yah”…but hey, it’s still a chat. Munchkin will follow him around while he gets ready for work and hinder help him put on his motorbike boots. They have a lot of fun together.

Once Munchkin is tucked up in his cot and dreaming lovely baby dreams (of ?????? what do you think babies dream of? I digress..) then I have an evening which stretches ahead of me. The first couple of evenings I quite like the fact that if I want to have a dinner which purely consists of chocolate biscuits that is fine, that I can watch Gossip Girl, American Idol and other “trashy” tv shows and have the whole bed to myself without waking up at 3am completely duvetless. But midway through the week I get bored of my temporary girlie freedom and realise how much I miss his company.

Roll on Saturday!

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One Response to Munchkin and I are missing his dad!

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    I feel the same way when Ku has to travel for work! It feels like a healthy break at the beginning, but then you get kind of lonely. We have a similar morning routine and I love that I get a little “break” while Ku gets ready for work.

    It must be tough communicating with such a vast time difference! Saturday is almost here, though 😉

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