weekend of bird watching and growing

Well, Munchkin had a busy weekend over the last 2 days.

First we went to watch the ducks..

bird watching

don't you just love his airplane hoodie??

He’s becoming quite the nature lover. We have a membership for the London Wetland Centre in Barnes which has proved a great place to take him for walks. Now that he is more aware of his surroundings he finds the different birds and plants really interesting. My mum instilled a love of birds in me when I was little and it makes me very happy to see that Munchkin is growing to like them too.

Here is one he took a particular fancy to..

mallard on a wall

can a duck pose?

He was a very fine fellow indeed.

Munchkin got to try the time old test to see if he liked butter. Hold a buttercup under your chin. If there is a yellow light there then you like butter.

Aidan holding a buttercup

I'm sure this might be edible..

Yippee, he LOVES butter.

It was a long afternoon’s work looking at all this nature so he took a moment to reflect on all he had seen…

Aidan thinking about life

I love the light on his fluffy hair

It’s hard work being a baby..

Hope you had a lovely weekend too.


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4 Responses to weekend of bird watching and growing

  1. lamourdemere says:

    Beautiful pics, Munchkin is a cutey!

  2. londonmum says:

    Thanks so much and nice of you to stop by and leave a comment!

  3. silenceandnoise says:

    Yes, that hoodie is so cute!! I love his crazy hair. Your Munchkin is so adorable… I just want to hug him!!!

  4. londonmum says:

    🙂 aww thanks. He is a very huggable baby!

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