To see the world through the eyes of a child…

This week I travelled to Zurich for work which means today I got to spend Friday at home with Munchkin. The weather has been lovely the last couple of days so we had a picnic morning in the garden. I am lucky to have a lovely, well kept communal garden where I live so Munchkin and I packed a bag (well, I packed, he unpacked as we went along) and headed outside for a while.

He is such a city boy and I want him to get to know and appreciate nature. We make sure we let him touch the bark of trees, test out spikey plant leaves, watch the cherry blossoms swirl down around him. He is starting to love it and it’s so much fun to let him explore outdoors.

One of our neighbours also has an extremely friendly, fluffy black cat who is keen to make Munchkin’s acquaintance. The boy breaks out into the widest grin when he sees him and I am almost 100 99% sure he actually said “cat” this morning when he strolled up to say hello. The giggles and the excitement are completely infectious.

It was such a fun morning just to hang out and watch Munchkin watching.

It’s like regaining your sense of innocence, what a privilege.

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One Response to Wonderland

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    This is one of my favourite things of being a mom! Seeing Bresho take in the world around him is the BEST. You really find appreciation for the little things. Who would have thought that kicking a rock could be so funny and fun?
    I’m sure he said cat!!!

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