This weekend has been one full of firsts (that ain’t grammatical in the slightest, right??).

Here’s a little selection:

First time standing without being held (only a few seconds but who’s counting??)

Munchkin standing on his own

First time visiting the shoe store (we were so excited we bought 2 pairs)

New shoes

First time tasting ice cream (not so sure at first…)

But then….

ice cream

…he understood the greatness that is ice cream!

and finally

First time flying solo

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and didn’t get disrupted by the volcanic ash! We had a lovely, quiet, plane free weekend (we live on the Heathrow flight path)

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3 Responses to Firsts

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    Baby A is so adorable!! Looks like is going to be an early walker! Bresho is still not waking at almost 14 months. Some days we wonder is there is something wrong with him, but he is probably just taking his sweet time.
    Love the ice cream shot. Imagine what it will be like when he’s eating his first birthday cake!
    My dad got stranded in Madrid (on his way to Paris to visit my step-sister). It was pretty chaotic. I feel so bad for him because he hates airports. Oh, well…

  2. oakbee farm says:

    What great pictures! Love the first one, especially, and the ice cream shots. My little one went from vanilla ice cream straight to chocolate…must take after his mother!

    • londonmum says:

      🙂 if Munchkin gets his mother’s sweet tooth we are in big trouble. I am surprised he didn’t turn out cookie shaped, the amount I ate in the last couple of months of being pregnant!

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