40 years of marriage

by Samdog on Flicker

Today I’d like to wish my mum and dad Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary. For anyone who doesn’t know Ruby is for 40 years of marriage. It still stuns me to think of anyone being married that long, despite the fact that I am now married myself (Jer, doesn’t mean I don’t think we’ll make it πŸ˜‰ ). It’s just a really, really, really long time to be with one person.

My parents got married in 1970, having met at university. They were engaged for a while including a long stint apart when my dad studied for his Phd in London. They got married and moved to Northern Ireland shortly afterward which was an insane interesting choice considering that it was just as the Troubles were really getting going.

In their 40 years together they have:

  • brought up a lovely son and a fabulous daughter (me, modest??)
  • lived in America and Northern Ireland
  • moved house 4 times
  • supported each other’s career choices and the life decisions those have brought
  • got through my mum having a brain haemorrhage and the subsequent strains that brought
  • got through my dad having a heart attack
  • given a home to 6 cats and 2 dogs
  • travelled all of the world together including some fairly obscure destinations like Chechnya
  • put up with some fairly daft teenage antics by their daughter
  • made some very close friendships
  • became grandparents to 2 little boys in the last year!

What makes it work? I ask myself that frequently. Here’s my guess although I did try asking my dad once before I got married. He looked somewhat dumbfounded and answered something along the lines of “umm, it just does”. Thanks dad..

  • they are still romantic with each other, little gifts, sweet messages on birthday cards
  • they make each other laugh on a daily basis
  • they still get jealous after 40 years, at least my mum does!
  • they share many of the same interests
  • they put up with each other’s oddities
  • they defend each other to the core
  • they care for each other so very deeply

So thanks mum and dad for being a true inspiration and helping convince me that marriage was a good idea!

Hope you have a lovely day and many more happy years together. I love you both very much!

here they are with Munchkin this month

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One Response to 40 years of marriage

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    This is such a lovely post! Congratulations to your parents. I also wonder how people stay together for so long… especially when you see so many marriages that fall appart. It is so nice to find a couple who love each other after so many years. It is definitely something to look up to!

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