Motherhood: the great debate

At the moment, if I come across an article with a byline about working mums vs stay at home mums I try to make sure to take the time to read it. This morning I read one on the news website called the Observer which I felt was very well written and resonated with me. The reporter sums up the article by saying “A self confessed “slack mother” reports from the frontline on why motherhood has become such a hot topic.

Certain parts of the article I found especially interesting:

– Mothers are constantly bickering about the ‘right’ way of parenting, especially on forums like Mumsnet. Breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding being one of the most contentious debates out there.

– successful career women who then make the decision to stay at home with their kids need to prove themselves as successful as mothers too. This fuels the desire to make sure their child is the best at everything.

– women who have written about how difficult and sometimes unrewarding having children can be have been slammed by mums and in the press.

I am not saying I agree with the entire article or indeed the statements about but it is definitely food for thought. As ever the comments on this kind of article also make interesting reading and seem to fully back up the writer’s statement that this is a neverending and heated debate.

Anyway, if you have 10 minutes (and don’t all mums?? 😉 ) then check it out here. Would love to know what you think.

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