Continuing my trip down memory lane this week. I came across this montage which my husband put together during my pregnancy. We took  a new picture every month to track the bump progress and it became known as Bumpwatch. I loved being pregnant and it makes me smile a lot to look at this photo. Can’t believe how big I got near the end! No wonder Munchkin weighed 4.3kg (9 lbs 4 oz)!!

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3 Responses to Bumpwatch

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    I love it!!! More like LOVE it! Love the last photo! such a big belly…I can’t believe baby A was over 9 pounds! Big baby. I bet you were not too happy by the end… the last couple of weeks were hard for me, but I also loved being pregnant.

  2. londonmum says:

    i know I look at that last photo and can’t believe it was me. (that is not THE last picture, I was so freaked by the very last one I never let J add it to the montage!!)
    Have been looking at Bresho’s party photos, looks amazing! You did such a good job!

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