Working mum part 2

Today is Wednesday which means in my new life that I get to spend the whole day with Munchkin! I’ve decided to go back to work part time and will be in the office four days a week. In my last post I wrote about how much this decision was troubling me and has been keeping me awake at night (unlike the baby who is sound asleep in baby slumberland).

This is a little update on how my first couple days back went.

let’s start with the minuses because there are only a few:

– only getting to see the baby for two hours each day does suck a bit, there is no doubt about it
– trying to get dressed and ready to go out the door whilst still wanting to give the baby precious attention is tricky
– both evenings the first thing the baby did when he saw me was burst into tears, just for a few seconds then was full of smiles. I am not sure what is going through his little head but it is a bit upsetting
– the nanny wants to put him on a slightly different routine (which probably suits the baby better) but it means I have to get used to it on my days with him too
– the nanny has got to try new foods with him – he had potato and banana yesterday and I feel I should be experiencing that with him

On the plus side:
– my baby seems very content apart the little cry when i come home. He is full of smiles and giggles and energy.
– when the nanny arrives in the morning he is very happy to see her which makes me feel better
– the nanny is super efficient! She has organized all his clothes, my kitchen cupboards (!) and made lots of organic food for him. This means on the days I spend with him I don’t have to park him somewhere while I try to do these chores. I get to play with him
– the nanny has started taking him to playgroup and this week a baby music class. While again part of me feels like I should be doing this I know that I am a bit reluctant to break out of my established routine and it is good for him to socialise with other babies
– she (and this is a weird one) knows way more about the practical side of bringing up a baby than I do! So she can advise on baby proofing, types of food to try, that it is a good idea to get a waterproof mattress cover now and so on. It is quite nice to have someone to bounce ideas off.
– I enjoyed being back in the office. Everyone has been so nice to me, stopping by for a chat and they seem really pleased to have me back. It makes me feel more valued as a person.
– I have a new bond with other people in office who are parents. It is nice to share stories about our kids and I now have something in common with some people I may not have talked to previously.
– it has been great to engage my brain in a different way.

I am sure there are lots more but right now my son is demanding my attention and I am about to give him a million kisses!

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4 Responses to Working mum part 2

  1. Emma Button says:

    I think your observation about your nanny nowing more about the practical sides of looking after a baby are spot on! I feel like my little girl actually is better off with her childminders than me on several days of the week because they have it programmed into them how to deal with loads of screaming kids, and they have the energy (who knows where they get it from) to go out and about to toddler groups and play dates every day… I only did exciting things like that one, maybe twice a week before I went back to work. Its weird though, its like admitting you have faults as a mum – which is difficult to admit.

    I love being back in the office, I feel like I’m me again. I shall choose to ignore the guilt!

  2. londonmum says:

    Thanks for your comment! It is a very strange position to find yourself in. The guilt comes and goes but I guess I have to realise that he is in very good hands and seems happy.
    Being in the office is just another dimension of who I am as a person so it’s all good.

  3. silenceandnoise says:

    Oh, wow! It seems like you are going through a very conflicting stage right now! I am sure you will get used to everything soon… transitions are always difficult. It is a very good thing that you get to spend Wednesdays with your baby, as I am sure this will make the transition easier for everyone. I think you found a good balance and I am glad it is working out well! xxoxo

  4. londonmum says:

    it is getting a bit easier with time. I just read your post and sounds like you are having similar issues right now. Hope you can work those through and feel good with your decision, whatever it is. x

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