Baby teeth

After a week of frantically googling various symptoms I have finally discovered what was up with Munchkin.
He had been refusing his bottle, very sleepy, had dark circles under his eyes, rubbing his face and oddest of all, very clingy. He’s not a cuddly baby but the last few days he just wanted to stay close to me and suck his thumb. While I loved (and I mean LOVED) the cuddles it was worrying the hell out of me.
This change coincided with three things: he properly started solids, I have almost dropped breastfeeding entirely in preparation for going back to work and finally, he has had his first trial days with the nanny.

Google is a wonderful but terrifying source of information when you start looking up illness symptoms or worse, baby illness symptoms.

In the space of about an hour I had managed to convince myself of the following:

1) he was allergic to all solid food and i’d have to feed him milk for the rest of his life.

2) he was fading away because I wasn’t breastfeeding him anymore.

3) he was punishing me in some way because I wasn’t breastfeeding him anymore (feeling guilty, me??).

4) he knew I was going back to work next week and was heartbroken.

5) he was heartbroken that I had left him with the nanny.

6) something terrible had happened while he was with the nanny.

Number six ranks up there with the most disturbing thoughts I have ever had. I’ve really had to force myself to be rational about it. He smiles every time she arrives, he is quite happy in her arms and while they play, all her previous employers were glowing about her, she turned down the job initially because we weren’t paying enough. In my 2 am panic musings I reckoned that if she wanted to harm him she would have taken the job at lower pay.

Anyway, having frightened myself half to death, kept my husband awake in the middle of the night crying and generally been a bit looney I found out what the fuss was about …

His first tooth has appeared!!!

I feel a mixture of sorry that it is bothering him, proud of him, sad that he is growing up and most of all, relieved that it wasn’t any of the things on my list above!
(I don’t think….)

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2 Responses to Baby teeth

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    yay for teeth!! I can totally relate with number six!! Totally. You (and by you, I mean “I”) can really drive yourself crazy if you start thinking about those things… I mean, you can go on and on and on and on… not that I’ve done it. Thankgod for G&T’s 😉
    Glad to hear you are going back to work!! Are you so excited? Good luck getting ready for the big day!

  2. londonmum says:

    thanks for the good wishes. Thank goodness it really hasn’t been as bad as i thought it would be. Have you found a new nanny yet yourself?

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