Nap time – any advice?

I will be going back to work soon and so am gradually dropping the baby’s breast feeds to switch to formula feeds. The baby is six months now and currently has five feeds a day, two of which are formula (1pm and 7pm). At the 7pm feed he goes to sleep fine and sleeps through the night which is great.
However, he doesn’t sleep after day time formula feeds at all. If I am breastfeeding him he will fall asleep mid morning for his nap. Today I tried to formula feed him at that time instead and even though I could see he was tired he just cried and wouldn’t sleep. Eventually I put him on the boob and within a minute he was asleep. Not the right thing to do I am sure!
He will go to sleep if I take him out in the buggy but I would like to have him nap during the day in his cot as it is the only time I have to get a shower etc.

Any tips on this? I am worried that he won’t nap at all during the day once he is completely bottle fed.

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One Response to Nap time – any advice?

  1. Check out “The No-Cry Sleep Solution” or “The Baby Whisperer,” if you have them on your side of the pond. I think there’s even a separate “No-Cry Nap Solution,” but I haven’t read that one.

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