Five months today

Munchkin is five whole months today! I was going to wait until he was six months until I wrote a little update but I feel like so much has changed in the last month that it’s worth it.
Let’s see…

1) You learnt to roll not only from your front to your back but also the other way. This frequently surprises you.

2) you really discovered your feet and the fact that they are pretty tasty to suck on.

3) everything and I mean everything has to be grabbed and shoved in your mouth.

4) you tried your first solid food and thought it was pretty tasty.

5) you took your first day time nap in your cot. This fact alone might keep your mum sane.

6) you learnt how to switch off your mobile over your cot (not kidding!!) you just need to crack switching it back on again.

7) you laugh full on now especially at early 90s pop. Boom shake shake shake the room, tick tick tick tick BOOM!

8) you had your first date at the movies and held hands with a very pretty little baby girl called Isabella. She was less impressed when you tried to suck her jumper but hey, good first try.

So many things you learn and pick up every day. It is a joy and an honour to watch. Most of the time it is pretty darn hilarious too.

Love you kiddo!

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One Response to Five months today

  1. Huh, go figure, my munchkin is 5 months on Monday!

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