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The time has come to jump right in and take the Munchkin to the swimming pool. yippeeee!

I thought about how much fun it would be to swim with the baby all through my pregnancy. I’ve always loved pictures of babies swimming underwater happily with their eyes open and as I didn’t learn to swim till I was much older I want Munchkin to be comfortable as soon as possible.Ā  He loves being in the bath and kicks away, soaking himself and me completely so I think he’ll take to it like a baby duck to water.

There is a local pool nearby with a kiddie section so I am planning to go with another girl from my NCT class and her baby. She has already taken him swimming and he loved it and she knows the drill. I was wondering how on earth you get yourself or the baby changed afterwards but apparently there are family changing rooms where you can put the baby down safely.

This decision necessitates 2 purchases: 1 for baby and 1 for me.

For baby: a Swim nappy

It’s designed to keep certain things in that you really don’t want floating round the pool with you! Pee you have to deal with though…nice…

Isn’t this cute though?

For me: a new swimsuit

I’m not really a strong swimmer and most of my time in the water is confined to the sea or pool on holiday. I love swimming in the ocean but it’s not exactly the weather for it much in England. As a consequence my swimwear collection comprises exclusively of bikinis. I am of the opinion that a) bikinis are not great for local swimming pools and b) don’t feel that confident wearing one post pregnancy yet. Hopefully, I will at some point.

Therefore, I am going to buy a swimsuit with more coverage but can’t decide between a tankini (is this just a silly compromise?) or a proper old lady swimsuit!

What do you think of the options?

























all suits from figleaves.com

Basically, I don’t want to look like the hippo in the picture at the top of the post!

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2 Responses to Splash!

  1. andrea says:

    yay for swimming!! You are going to have a blast!
    I vote against the tankini!! I hate tankinis… they are a very, very silly compromise!! Tankinis are bikinis gone wrong. I would totally go for the proper old lady swimsuit! The last one you posted it absolutely gorgeous!! I want it for myself! It has a very vintage look… super classy!
    Gorgeous and classy old lady vintage-looking swimsuit 1 – Very, very silly tankini 0

  2. Londonmum says:

    Ha ha I think you are probably right.. My husband also voted for the swimsuit so must not be too old lady šŸ˜‰

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