I dream of sleep

In the approximately twenty minutes my baby has let me sleep since three this morning I dreamt of being so tired I fell asleep in a bush. It’s troubling when you are dreaming of sleeping ;-$
Munchkin had his third lot of immunisations on Thursday and has been out of whack ever since. Normally he goes to sleep by 8 and maybe wakes at 3 or sometimes sleeps through. Which ain’t bad at all. Sure he doesn’t nap much during the day but it’s doable.
The last couple of nights he’s woken up every couple of hours and been really hard to settle. Seems his tummy is really bothering him, lots of cramping and crying. We’ve tried everything we’ve got and in the end I think the chamomile may have helped, that or he’s just exhausted. It is 7.30am and he’s asleep on me now. I’ve been awake since around 3 and I would love to put him back on his cot but the last time I tried it he woke up. I think my husband is managing to get some sleep so I’ll wait till he wakes up and then hope he takes the baby out so I can sleep for an hour.
To cap it all we have visitors arriving today for the next couple of weeks. Jer’s dad and sister get in from the states this afternoon which I am looking forward too but god damn I wish I wasn’t so tired.
I can feel myself longing to just be able to put my head down for just a minute and shut my eyes. I crave even 15 minutes of sleep, which sounds crazy.
I think sleep deprivation must be a fairly effective form of torture.i
These are the infamous sleepless nights people talk about when you tell them you’re going to have a baby. Well, for the most part they suck!!
The only thing that will keep you sane is a sense of humour. The ability to laugh when the baby spits the dummy out across the room at warp speed, when after listening to him work himself up into a tizzy you turn on the light and he beams at you and you remark to your husband “little sod”.
Well, you can sleep all you want when you’re dead, right? Sleeping is for losers, right? Overrated, waste of precious awake time, right? Right?


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One Response to I dream of sleep

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    oh-no! At least it happened during the weekend and you guys could take turns. Personally, I think sleep deprivation is one of the toughest riddles of parenthood. I’ve always been a really good sleeper. As in I can fall asleep wherever, whenever and can sleep for really long periods of time. Also, as in I’m just lazy 😉 So the transition has been pretty tough.
    It’s crazy how sleep becomes such a big topic of discussion when you have a baby. Ku asked me what I wanted for my birthday and my answer was “to sleep in until noon”.
    You are right, sleeping is for losers!! Plus, the zombie look is so hot right now!!

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