Vacation – family style

I took my baby on holiday and I liked it!
Jeremy and I took the munchkin to Bath, a lovely city in the south west of england for a week. The city is known for its Georgian architecture (think Jane Austen) and its roman baths (think green sulphurous water and bits of stone) and now, in my mind, for being a little family haven. We intended to stay five nights but ended up extending the trip by two more nights. I discovered so many things in the last week so here are a few highlights:

1) self catering apartments are a great idea when you have a baby. No need to leave when the cleaner comes, no need to eat out every evening, lots of room for the twenty billion items of baby related stuff you brought. Perfect.

2) baby bjorns rock when you are sightseeing. Various attractions didn’t allow for a buggy/stroller so Jeremy carted munchkin round in his baby bjorn and he loved it. So much so that he slept round most of Bath’s fascinating attractions. Interestingly many tourist attractions could let you park the buggy and lend you a baby carrier, how advanced!


3) Baby carriers get dad a lot of attention. From women. Jealous me? Nooooo. I just trailed in the wake listening to all the cooing and catching the megawatt smiles.


4) Panic buying is kinda pointless. Despite carefully studying the weather forecast and apparently packing the entire contents of our house we forgot to bring the raincover for the buggy. Cue much frantic research on google and panicked phone calls to local shops. Ran out and purchased a new cover. Did it rain? Um no. Don’t buy until you really need to.


5) Munchkin is a real giggler now. He laughs all the time especially at his dad dancing ( but hey, he’s not alone in that ) and weirdly, parrot noises. We took him to an animal park and a parrot was making a huge racket. Munchkin laughed on his own for the first time i.e. not at one of us pulling a funny face. Parrots now rock!


6) Father son bonding is lovely. We were so fortunate to have this time together. I really got to see the relationship grow between the two of them. Beautiful.


7) Most of all I learned to let go a little. I had definitely got myself into a fairly rigid routine with the baby which I think you do need to a certain extent but I learned that the world doesn’t end if you shake it up a little. We went out a lot in the morning which I don’t normally do, we bathed the baby in the big bath with me (we have now bathed in Bath, sooooo easily amused), we pretty much ditched the buggy in favour of the baby bjorn, we spent a whole day out of the house and it was fine. Most importantly Munchkin slept in his own room! We all slept better and I think the time has come to do the same at home.
I realized that my way isn’t necessarily the best way and that Jeremy is perfectly capable of making the right decisions for the baby.

First Family Halloween

In some ways our family holiday made us feel more like a family and I’ll always remember this special time.

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3 Responses to Vacation – family style

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    yay! You are back! 🙂 I missed reading your blog.

    I’m glad you had a great time in Bath. So many new developments! Baby sleeping alone, baby laughing, adjusting well to a different routine… wow, seems like a lot happened while you were away. Congratulations!

    I love your photos. You have a lovely family 🙂

  2. londonmum says:

    thank you! it’s nice to be back. read your post on the h1n1, hope you are feeling ok, how scary.

  3. Aw, your munchkin is adorable! We went away for a weekend when ours was about 3 mos. and for the most part he did great!

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