Bath time!

I am not talking about the watery, clean behind the ears variety of bath but Bath, the city in England. We are going on our first ever family holiday! Not the most exotic of locations but should be fun nonetheless. We had thought of various destinations for our first trip – Tuscany where we got married (restaurant too far from rooms), Lake Como in Italy (too up and down for the stroller), Malaga (don’t speak Spanish so would be stuck if we needed a doctor) and so on. We wanted somewhere not too far to travel, where we could cook ourselves as we don’t want to take the baby to restaurants in the evening and here was my deciding factor, where I could bring all his stuff!!
My girlfriends who have babies and who have already travelled abroad said the trickiest thing was not having all the usual distraction objects like the bouncy chair.
Call me a wuss but I am not ready yet to spend five days trying to entertain the baby with the shortest boredom threshold in the uk without the aid of my arsenal of toys! We are driving to Bath and I fully intend to bring as many of his belongings as possible, especially as I just checked the weather forecast and it looks like rain. Even the one sunny day had rain dripping from the sun symbol!
We have rented a self catering apartment right in the heart of the city centre so should be able to go for lots of walks and visit the attractions.
Also purchased a travel cot which pops up like a tent. It is super cool and we tested it this afternoon. I think I was having more fun than the baby when I discovered I could fit in it (it is admittedly vergeing on the colossal for a baby bed).
Anyway, despite my desire to bring a bazillion things with us for the baby and my earlier positive comment to my husband “well if it is a disaster we can always drive back home again”, I am actually super excited about our little break.
We will have wifi access in the apartment so I might try and post how it is going while we are there.
Bath with the Baby, here we come!

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3 Responses to Bath time!

  1. Andrea says:

    yay! Sounds like fun! Ku’s brother went to university in Bath and loved it there. I’m sure you will manage a couple of days away with baby. It is good that you decided to go somewhere close, though. Baby steps, right? Have fun and take tons of pictures of baby’s first trip! xoxo

    • londonmum says:

      Thanks! We are having a lovely time so far. The apartment is really pretty and cosy. We all slept well too! Would you believe after everything I said about bringing all his stuff and the rain the one thing we forgot was the rain cover for his stroller?! giggle

      • silenceandnoise says:

        Something like that was bound to happen! I’m glad it was the rain cover and not the baby 😉

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