what is the opposite of a vampire?

And no, it’s not the start of a bad joke. Must warn you that I am feeling just a tad sorry for myself this evening which makes for potentially blah reading. I’ll do my best to keep it light šŸ™‚
Back to the vampire question. I can’t remotely think of what might be the opposite of a vampire except that it might be me right now. And why this bold claim all of a sudden? Well, the simple answer is that unlike a vampire I never go out after dark anymore. I am for all intents and purposes allergic to darkness, streetlights, noisy beer filled places where mortals congregate and have fun ( I think they are called bars) and it would seem, a social life.
Why am I realising this today and feeling sorry for myself?
Yesterday evening I drove to the supermarket and left Jer with the baby. My intention was to be back by half six for the baby’s bath but I got stuck in terrible traffic. By the time I was nearing home it was after seven. My first inkling that something was up was when I couldn’t remember how to switch the headlights on in the car. Driving home seemed really weird and I realised it was because it was DARK! Yes, it does get dark bloody quickly in the UK.
My next realisation was that this exciting trip to the local supermarket was only the second time I have been out of the house after dark since the baby was born, nearly four months ago. The other time was for dinner for our 1st wedding anniversary. We were able to do that because jer’s mum was visiting from the states and she babysat.
I realise that with a baby you can’t expect to be out partying every night and I am not even the party animal type. But but but I am feeling a little bit stir crazy. This feeling isn’t helped by the fact that this is jer’s last week in his old job and so there have been a few nights where he has gone out in the last two weeks. I don’t begrudge him it and he has always checked to see if it’s ok, if I’m ok. He also gave me a great spa gift last weekend to have a facial and a massage (bliss) so I can’t grumble at him, nor would i want to.
Doesn’t hide the fact that I want to go out to play too!!!!!
And yes, I know I am a parent now and things change but I really do feel a night out with the girls coming on. Bring on those mojitos!
Signed the anti-vampire

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4 Responses to what is the opposite of a vampire?

  1. Andrea says:

    I feel the same way!! Having a baby involves a difficult transition. I also feel like going out with the girls, but haven’t really done it yet.
    It is good you went for a massage!! I got one a while back and it was the best thing ever! Reading your post made me want to get a massage, actually. It should be mandatory for new moms to get a massage at least once a month šŸ˜‰

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  3. George says:

    Babysitter anyone?

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