The world in 2109

by coba on flickr

by coba on flickr

According to an article I just read on the BBC 50% of babies born this year will live till they are one hundred years old.
My immediate thought was to do the mental math for Munchkin (latest in the long list of names he has been called by his doting parents. Current favourites include Sweet pea, Pumpkin, Darlin’ and Buddy). Annnyway, he would be 100 in 2109. Not 3009 as I first announced to my husband. Maths sometimes not a strong point but I am putting this one down to lack of sleep. Handy how you can blame any idiocy on sleep deprivation now.

2109. Sounds like a science fiction movie starring Bruce Willis and Jody Foster (hey, that would be an interesting combination, don’t you think?).

What will the world that Munchkin lives in be like? What changes will he have witnessed? What will the true impact of war and climate change? What advances will science, technology and medicine have made?
Will he sit there in his armchair in 2109 and marvel at the fact that his mother was born in 1976? Ha ha ha that makes me feel ancient already!

I hope the world is a good place for him.

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