You know you’ve become a real mum when…

… you pick wax out of your baby’s ear with your finger.

Ha ha ha ha, I can’t quite believe I just wrote that. I was always slightly repulsed by the sight of mums in supermarkets picking snotty kids noses or having spit up bits of food on their hands. I like to be clean and fairly well turned out. I wash my hair everyday and like my clothes to be coordinated (in a somewhat ocd like way according to my husband). However, in the last 14 weeks I have:

been projectile vomited on so that it pooled down the front of my bra

slept in clothes that are damp from patches of puke

gone out realising once the door is shut that there is dried puke on the ends of my hair (and not turned back)

cleaned turmeric coloured poop off the baby, the changing table, his clothes, my clothes, my pillow (nice..) and then done it again 2 minutes later

wiped things out of his mouth, his eyes and his nose without a second thought

picked flakey bits of his scalp off (anyone know a good cure for cradle cap?)

and worst…picked wax out his ears with my own finger….bleurgh.

The funny thing is I have not hated it at all. At times it is funny to get puked on and I hate to say it but there is a slighty perverse satisfaction in getting that little lump of wax out.

What have I become?

Oh yes..a mum.

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3 Responses to You know you’ve become a real mum when…

  1. Yes I identify with all this, gross aren’t we? My brother and his wife have just had a baby and couldn’t understand how I was able to do these things, they do now! I found Dentinox shampoo good for cradle cap. There are more natural remedies like olive oil but I didn’t find them as effective.

  2. ita says:

    Ha ha, your post made me laugh! SO true. Bresho had cradle cap for five months! Nothing worked, so we just waited (and waited, and waited) for it to go away, and picked out the flakes while we waited šŸ˜‰

  3. I always loved picking scabs as a child so my daughters cradle cap has been an absolute pleasure! I too flick my crispy ended hair with pride as I made it out of the house! Great post. Cx

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