What did I learn yesterday 10th October?

1)  I cry a lot more now that I am a mum.

by Hypergurl on flickr

by Hypergurl on flickr

Since having my son I have turned into the human equivalent of Niagara falls. I mean, I’ve always been a bit prone to the old  waterworks, quite apt to shed a tear at reality tv contestants singing (tragic, I know), movies where the main character’s true love dies, animal rescue shows (they are the worst, abandoned kittens? Don’t start me..) and so on.

But it seems now I drip tears on an almost daily basis. This doesn’t mean I am sad or depressed, quite often I cry real tears of joy. I can find myself watching my son sleep and feel such utter love well up in me that I can only express it by shedding a tear. Hearing him giggle at my husband also provokes the same reaction. I am sure it must be very disconcerting for him to turn round to find me laughing and crying all at once but he hides it admirably. No doubt puts it down to another of the slightly odd changes in me since I first was  pregnant over a year ago.

On the other side I am also affected much more by news reports involving children. In fact, I am trying to force myself not to read articles where children have been abused, injured, kidnapped or worse. They not only make me cry but they prey on my mind and I don’t want to get to the point where I am afraid to let my son out of my sight. I can’t remotely understand how anyone could bring themselves to hurt a child and it pains me physically to think of anyone hurting my baby.

Being a mum makes me feel that a layer of my protective coating has been removed. There is a new rawness there.

2) Baby has a magical effect on old ladies.

Oooooh they LOVE him! Just one glimpse into the pram sets them all off. This is especially true in cafes, on the bus and in supermarket queues. And he laps it up, smiles away at them, charming them even further.

I, of course, feel a burst of pride swelling up within me. Yes, my son is a cutie 🙂

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One Response to What did I learn yesterday 10th October?

  1. ita says:

    I also cry A LOT about the things you talk about. Plus, I have a fear of something happening to me and not being able to look after Bresho. I try to talk myslef out of all my irrational fears, but sometimes they are too overwhelming.
    I agree with you, watching your baby sleep makes your heart explode with love. The best part of my day is when Bresho fallls asleep in my arms and I can look at him… ok, I’m going to start crying now, better go before I ruin my keyboard 😉

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