What did I learn yesterday 8th October?

1) Dad taking over for the evening is lovely

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling so great and so my darling husband came home from work early, helped me give the baby his bath and then fed and settled him for the evening. Usually it is my job as I breastfeed the baby but we decided to give him a bottle for once. This meant I got to hang out on my own for an hour, cook some dinner and watch a bit of tv! Small luxuries..

Dad did a great job and I think this might become a more regular occurence. How happy I am.

2) Baby laughter is possibly the most beautiful sound in the world

I swear when my baby laughs at something I do I feel like I have achieved something amazing. Who cares about olympic medals, nobel peace prizes (on that note, I am a big Obama fan but a little premature, don’t you think??) ?

The little face that all of a sudden breaks into a smile, then a full on giggle is awesome. Plus we’ve discovered he has a dimple. Neither his dad or I have dimples so goodness knows where it came from. He’s going to be a real heartbreaker, that boy.

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