What did I learn yesterday 4th October?

1) Hanging out with friends who don’t have babies is fun but tricky

I admit to so far only really seeing my friends (none of whom have kids) if they came to our house or at least near where we live.  Straying far from home with the baby still makes me a bit stressed, especially if the whole point is to socialize with friends. Most of our closest friends live in north London which although still the same city does require an hour’s drive to get there. After a few wise cracks about how we never venture north of the river this weekend we bit the bullet and headed up to have lunch at my friend Helen’s house. The drive was fine with baby only getting restless towards the end. When we got to Helen’s there were quite a few other people there some of whom we knew and a couple of new faces. I have a feeling it is the first time most of them have had to hang out with a baby so it was a little weird. I also didn’t feel comfortable feeding the baby in front of boys I know. Quite happy to do it in front of strangers though!

The part I found hard about the whole experience was my new obsession with the time. I wanted to make sure we got the baby home by 5 so I could get him settled before his bath and bedtime. This meant we should have headed home at 4. However, we all went for a walk which took a lot longer than expected and we didn’t get back to the car until after 4.30. To a normal person this doesn’t sound like a big deal but that extra delay meant the following: baby cried for last 20 minutes of walk, I had to feed him in the car before we left, he didn’t get burped properly, he cried on drive home, he was difficult to settle and woke up again at 3am.  All of this is due to a 30 minute delay. My poor friend kept apologising to me as she could see I was stressed which made me feel even worse.

I can totally see why it doesn’t sound like a big deal to someone with no kids and I am afraid I sound like one of those neurotic mums! However, I am going to insist on sticking to timing from now on. How life has changed 🙂

2) The view of London from the top of Primrose Hill is stunning.

Have wanted to see that view for years and we went there on our walk. If you ever visit London I highly recommend it. Regent’s Park and the London zoo are right beside it so would make for a great day out.

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One Response to What did I learn yesterday 4th October?

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    You are not a neurotic mom! Babies are all about consistency. The obsession with time is supposed to be worse with the first baby (according to my mom). Apparently you relax a bit the second time. I hope so because Ku and I are also time-obsessed.We got invited to a birthday party which starts at 7pm. Bresho’s bath is at around 9pm so we are planning ahead to make sure we are home by 8.30 which means we will be at the party for an hour and that is assuming there are no last-minute baby delays! 😦

    I am dying to visit London! Ku went to boarding school near Brighton so he has friends in London and his brother lives in London now so we want to plan a trip with Bresho. I can’t wait!

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