What did I learn yesterday 28th September?

1) Going to watch a movie with a baby in tow is actually an enjoyable experience!

 Electric Cinema

There’s another thing I thought I’d never say.  I love watching movies, an interest my husband and I share and we more often than not spend the evening plonked in front of a dvd. I haven’t actually been to the cinema for a very long time and had thought it would be another while before I ventured in that direction. However, one of the mums in my class told us last week that she had been to a special parents and babies cinema screening called Electric Scream! and it was fantastic.  Buoyed by her enthusiasm and the desire to try something new I agreed to go along with her and another couple of girls the following week. This enthusiasm was sadly waning when she came to pick us up in the car yesterday and Aidan had screamed at me solidly for the previous 20 minutes.  He’s the type of baby that doesn’t like to sit still for very long and won’t nod off for a nap easily during the day. He also hadn’t pooed for nearly two days and was not happy about this fact. The prospect of sitting for a couple hours trying to watch a movie was as appealing as poking myself repeatedly in the eye with a sharp pointy stick.

However, I was wrong (this seems to be happening more and more frequently recently, what’s with that??). We had a great time! A lot of this is due to the cinema we went along to. It’s called the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill and is well known for being a cool place to watch a movie.  For a start, the seats are huge, leather comfy chairs. Each one has a footstool so you can put your feet up and a wooden table for you to put drinks on. And get this, there’s a bar! If you fancied it you could have a glass of wine while sampling the latest blockbuster.  Given that it was a mums and babies screening most people stuck to cappuccino but there may have been the odd frazzled mum knocking back a swift glass of chardonnay.  There is loads of leg room so you can comfortably set the car seat down beside you and still have room to get in and out without anyone having to move. I have to admit I found it a little weird at first with all the buggies in the aisles and everyone sat with a baby in their lap but soon settled down to watch the movie.  To my delight Aidan was as good as gold.  I think he actually enjoyed watching the screen.  I had to go change him twice (baby poo is like buses, you wait for ages then two come along at once…) but there were good facilities and my friends filled me on the bits I’d missed.  Some of the babies cried but the mums just got up and walked them round for a while or fed them. They also put subtitles on the screen in case you can’t hear but in no way were they necessary. Once I realised Aidan was enjoying the experience I relaxed and enjoyed it too.  A couple of us are going to try and go most weeks as it was deemed a great success.

The movie was The Soloist starring Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx, if you are interested. It really wasn’t bad.

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