What did I learn yesterday 25th September?

1) It is possible to have a perfect day

Yesterday did not have one bad moment, not one.  The baby was happy, smiley, giggly. I was happy, smiley, giggly.

I am sure our moods affect each other. Well, I know his affects mine, that’s pretty obvious but I think he totally picks up on my emotions too. I’ve been making a real effort the last few days to be in a positive frame of mind, to greet each day thinking it’s going to be a good one.  I’m a great believer in the power of positive thinking.  You can think yourself happy, feel yourself happy.  I’ve seen the baby’s mood change with mine a few times.  For example, he’s on the verge of crying and I’ve felt that sinking feeling.  He will go into full on crying.  However,  a couple of times I have made a conscious mental shift, turned a different emotional switch on, made myself feel happy. On these occasions the baby has stopped crying.

2) Feeling lonely can have a powerful effect on your wellbeing

I’m not feeling lonely right now but I watched a very interesting, if disturbing, documentary on tv the night before last which made me think about it.  It was called ‘Alone in the wild’ and video chronicles a few weeks in the life of a scottish man called Ed Wardle as he attempts to live his boyhood dream of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness alone, fending for himself.  There are lots of similarities with the film ‘Into the wild’ which I also enjoyed.  What was interesting about this documentary was the descent into depression and almost madness this poor man experienced after being 50 odd days in the wild.  It wasn’t the lack of food or the danger from wild animals that really hurt him but the lack of  human contact.  Frequently, at his lowest moments he said through his tears that he missed People.  This strong, hardy man had to be rescued in the end because he missed having someone to talk to. It’s worth a look if you get the chance.

Sometimes I feel lonely during the day when I don’t talk to another adult for 10 hours at a time and it does get you down.  We are sociable creatures.  I can’t wait till the baby can talk back!

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