What did I learn yesterday 24th September?

1)  Sushi with asleep baby works, Croque monsieur with awake baby does not.

by roboppy on flickr

by roboppy on flickr

I don’t normally take the baby out at lunchtime as we go for a walk in the afternoon but yesterday I had to take him to the baby clinic. Since we were in town and I was starving I thought I’d risk going somewhere for a sit down lunch by myself.  Then the process of weighing up the restaurant options starts. The main criteria in choosing a place for me are as follows:

  1. no stairs so I can wheel the buggy in
  2. not too busy/noisy in case he does sleep
  3. space between tables so I can park the buggy
  4. a relatively private table in case I need to breastfeed
  5. quick service in case I need to leave because he is crying
  6. a toilet with baby changing facilities

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned what kind of food they serve.  As if that matters in a choice of lunch destination… Food has become fuel rather than a pleasure to be lingered over but that’s a whole other post.

I weighed my options and settled for a place called Cafe Rouge in Putney.  It was an unmitigated disaster.  The baby was wide awake, wanted my full attention and to be out of his buggy. I had picked a relatively discreet table which unfortunately, had the downside of meaning that the waiting staff virtually ignored me and it took them 20 minutes to come and take my order.  Time is of the essence,  people!!  The baby then decided he was hungry so I had to breastfeed him. Nowadays I am pretty ok with doing this in public but I rarely do it when I am on my own.  I’ve noticed that it does make some people uncomfortable which is strange as it is not as if you can see anything on display. Straight after his feed I noticed an interesting expression on the baby’s face and sure enough an almighty gurgling sound happened.  He needed his nappy changed, just as my food finally arrived. Oh well, off to the baby changing unit.

Except there wasn’t one.

I had to change him on his mat balanced on a toilet. Not only potentially unhygienic but he was in danger of rolling off at any second. Wouldn’t take much to put one of those stowaway tables that folds into the wall up, would it?

Get back to the table and attempt to eat my rapidly cooling Croque Monsieur while balancing wriggly baby with one arm.  I had picked Croque Monsieur not only because I like it but because I thought it would be easy to eat one handed. Wrong.  I couldn’t cut it with just a fork and so resorted to hacking away at it and stuffing any vaguely bitesized pieces into my mouth as fast as possible. In the end I gave up, bundled the wriggly, complainy one into the buggy and left.

What do you know, two minutes later he was fast asleep. I, on the other hand, was sweating, covered in baby drool and melted cheese, and still hungry 🙂

2)  Baby was on a voyage of discovery

All of a sudden yesterday he became super aware of his surroundings.  In the morning whilst sitting with us in bed he discovered his feet and kept staring at them with a slightly troubled expression. In the afternoon I took him into the garden and showed him the trees and bushes in which he seemed genuinely interested.  Later, I walked him past the bathroom mirror whereupon he caught sight of himself and giggled away.  I’d love to know what is going on in his head when he looks in the mirror. Does he think it’s another baby? Does he think there are two mes?

I find his voyage of discovery absolutely fascinating.  What an amazing thing the human mind is. This is where the real fun starts.

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One Response to What did I learn yesterday 24th September?

  1. silenceandnoise says:

    You will love it more and more as time goes by!
    Life with a baby is so unpredictable… it has taken me 15 minutes to read your post. Bresho woke up, fell asleep, had a mini tantrum, dropped his soother, fell asleep again. I really can’t plan anything these days. If I do, I end up disappointed because nothing worked out according to the “plan”.

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