What did I learn yesterday 22nd September?

1) Don’t mess with large animals bearing antlers

I took the baby for a walk around Richmond Park in an effort to ensure he got an afternoon nap. He tends to fall asleep in the buggy so I try and make sure he gets a good walk every afternoon as am not sure he sleeps enough during the day. Normally I tend to stick to places I can walk to from the house but I decided to venture further afield so drove over to Richmond. The park is absolutely beautiful and there were quite a few other mums walking their babies.  It is also quite a novelty still being able to have the luxury of having a nice walk during the day when most people are at work.

If you didn’t already know, Richmond Park is home to a large herd of deer that is allowed to roam free. It is really amazing to see them at such close quarters but I normally experience this from the car whilst driving through the park.  This time, as I was pushing the buggy along the path, I came across an extremely large stag with a very fine set of antlers blocking my way. Normally it wouldn’t phase me but now with the baby I find myself being very cautious about the situations I put myself and the baby in. So what did I do? I turned around and walked back the way I came. Not very adventurous but in the end, what price safety?

2) Cancelled dinners make nice surprises.

It was an unexpected treat when my husband told me that his work dinner was cancelled. He came home and looked after me instead. How nice..

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