What did I learn yesterday 21st September?

1) Babies can get hiccups 7 times in one day.

I happen to have a very windy baby.  He is in his 12th week and he seems to be on track with a growth spurt which is to be expected at this stage.  This means he wants to feed all the time and this, in turn, means he gets lots of wind. The hiccups don’t seem to bother him that much which is a relief. Does anyone know a cure though? I tried telling him to hold his breath and count to 30 like my latin teacher at school used to make me do. Personally, I think it was more sheer terror that stopped my hiccups than her advice but anyway. Miss Kerr, you were one scary lady. I was joking about telling the baby to hold his breath, by the way. I’m inexperienced as a mum but not crazy.

2)  I shouldn’t bitch about my husband.

I am rapidly realising that he would like to help me more but because I am breastfeeding it is difficult for him to do so. This, for me, is the only real drawback to solely breastfeeding. All the responsibility of ensuring the baby is fed lies with the mum and, therefore, the mum is tied to the baby every few hours. There is no taking off for the afternoon or evening and leaving the baby with dad. I suppose I could express milk more often and be a bit more selfish about it but something is stopping me. Maybe I worry I wouldn’t leave enough milk? Maybe I worry that expressing would put my supply all out of whack? Maybe I worry that a change from his normal routine will make him unhappy? Maybe in a weird way it is just easier for me always to feed him?

Maybe I worry too much…

3) Some days are darker than others.

Some days I don’t cope very well with having a baby. There, I said it.

There are days when I just don’t think I can spend another second trying to comfort a screaming baby. That I would give anything to have 30 mins of peace on my own. I miss being on my own more than anything else so far.

Thankfully, these days are few and far between and normally coincide with baby having a growth spurt or an upset tummy. I am blessed with a very good, smiley baby most of the time.  I love him more than anything in the world but on those days it can be hard.

4) My grammar needs some serious brushing up.

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One Response to What did I learn yesterday 21st September?

  1. Ita says:

    I’m so glad I randomly found your blog while looking for a good read. I had a baby six months ago so I can relate to most of the things you have written about.
    1. My baby used to get A LOT of wind and then it just stopped when he was around four months.Same with the hiccups. It just goes away.
    2. I felt the same way so we decided to split the night feedings and it has worked out fine. I do, however, worry about other things… I don’t know if that goes away…ever.
    4. I think your grammar is pretty good, actually.

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