What have I learnt so far on September 21st?

Thought I’d give myself an extra post today as it’s my first day….

1) How to set up a blog.

I have to admit it was very easy using wordpress. I am impressed.

2) You can eat sushi in peace when you have a baby.

picture by Zeetz Jones

picture by Zeetz Jones

Go to the Hare & Tortoise and order the bill along with the food. This will give you enough time to eat before he wakes up because the buggy has stopped moving. It also means you can make a quick getaway if he starts to yell.

3) that I am not very convincing when I say it’s fine if my husband goes out with his mates.

Let me set some context….my husband leaves the house around 8.30am and is home around 6.30pm if I’m lucky. He works…. I get that, I can vaguely remember what that’s like. Every day I am dying for him to get home so I can a) get some help and b) talk to someone who is over the age of 3 months.
In the last week or so he has told me that he will be away for work twice in the next couple of weeks. They are both overnight trips which will also probably mean he’ll be home late the day after because of flights. This means 4 evenings of dealing with baby on my own. But it’s work….I get that.
Except this morning he casually mentions that he wants to remind me his boss is taking him out for dinner tomorrow night. Fine…..5 evenings now….but I can handle it. And one final thing, his mates want to go out to a posh private members club with him and would that be ok? 6 evenings…..meh, can be done but let me explain why I’m irritated:

a) when he asks me he looks at me like I might tear his head off and enjoy chewing on his internal organs. Fair enough I might but at least, pretend that I am a normal, rationale human being.
b) when I mentioned a few days ago that my uni friends were coming down to london for a visit he said “that’s nice, maybe you can hang out with them” MAYBE?????? The correct response should have been “Great, I will look after the baby so you can hang out with them and get a break for once’
c) his mother is coming back to visit next week and he will be away so I will have to entertain her.

So that is why I am not very convincing when I say it’s fine if he goes out with his mates..

4) baby smiles can make even the most grumpy mum happy…

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