What did I learn yesterday 20th September?

1) Baby can sleep in his cot at night just fine.

We moved him from sleeping in his moses basket to his cot for the first time last night. I dutifully read up on how to transition him and was all prepared to stay by him, stroke his head, soothe him and all the rest. However, I put him down at 7.45pm and he slept through till 6.45am this morning. We like the cot….

2) Bugaboo Bee‘s can go offroad.

We bought this buggy because it is suitable for cities. We live in London, not the Yorkshire Dales so I had to convince the Husband not to buy some multi terrain, tested by the Territorial Army type affair which all the men in John Lewis baby department were eyeing up. All the women were looking longingly at lightweight, easy to collapse models as they knew they’d be the one lugging the damn thing on and off the bus. I digress….we took the baby for a walk on Wimbledon Common in the Bee and it survived just fine.

3) They have moved the Antiques Roadshow to 8pm on a Sunday night.

I wonder if its later time will mean the things people bring in will be racier…

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