#silentsunday – Easter Edition

#silentsunday - Easter Edition

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We went on a date :-)

To the very relaxing and tasty Dysart Arms in Petersham. I highly recommend it. Great service, great live music, great food. Go, you won’t regret it!



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update – i forgot about my blog


Life caught up with me, things have been busy, the kids have been busy, work has been busy, we’ve actually regained a bit of a social life 🙂

Taking advantage of being at home today recovering from the norovirus (i do NOT recommend it) to catch up on reading some blogs and I realised that I haven’t written anything in mine for oh, like, a 100 years..

We’ve been up to a lot:


Giggling on the sofa


Going for walks along the river


Drawing on pizza menus


getting haircuts and looking entirely too grown up


passing out in the back of the car


Climbing over the Millenium Dome/O2 Arena in London


Panoramic view from the top


Buying red christmas party dresses

IMG_8188Going for walks in Richmond Park

IMG_8197writing letters to Santa

IMG_8202Growing Chillies

IMG_8366Getting into the Christmas spirit!

Will my new year’s resolution be to start my blog again in earnest? x





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Hand Foot and Mouth

Has struck our house. No one is very happy!! Any tips on how to help, especially with their painful wee mouths?





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Happy 4th Birthday to my amazing son

Lots of birthdays happening in our family in July, who knows what was going on in October those years!!

This one is pretty special as my gorgeous munchkin boy just turned 4.

Here he is on his ‘birthday’

aidan bornhere he is on his 1st birthday

aidan 1Here he is on his 2nd birthday

aidan 2here he is on his 3rd birthday

aidan 3and now here he is on his 4th birthday

aidan 4Doesn’t he look grown up!!

I find it difficult to describe how I feel when I see him grow up. Such is the love that fills my heart. He was my first baby, he changed our lives. We’ve watched him grow and learn, teach us how to be parents, bring us joy every day. He is sometimes described as an old soul, wise beyond his years. He is smart, sensitive, caring, funny, energetic and beautiful.

He loves school, his friends, his best friend Daniel, techno music (especially Daft Punk), ballet class, his bear bear, playing logic games on the ipad, transformers, his new bike, chocolate, his other best friend (his dad), his other best friend *his mum) and his, sometimes annoying, little sister.

Every time I see him I could watch him for hours. He is an amazing child 😉

Happy birthday Munchkin!

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Happy birthday little one!

Today is the 2nd birthday of my little girl. This time two years ago we were spending our first evening as a family of four and were welcoming a little baby girl into our lives. Here she is in on her very first day in the world grace bornand here she is on her 1st birthday grace 1and now here she is on her 2nd birthday

IMG_1456I watched her walk up the stairs today and could hardly believe that two years had passed since she was a tiny, mewling little creature who could barely open her eyes.

Now she can walk, run, jump, dance. She can explain in words how she is feeling, that she is happy, that something is funny, that she is angry, that she is sad. She can count to 10 (with a few numbers missing in between), she knows her colours, she knows the names of animals, days of the week, people in her life.

She loves her brother, she thinks he is amazing, she drives him crazy. She loves her daddy, she thinks he is funny, that he is ‘too loud’, that he gives great cuddles. She loves her mummy, she needs her cuddles and kisses and to hold her hand. She loves her sleepytime bear and her brown bear and her puppy. She loves Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig. She loves to see dogs walking past and to say hello to random strangers in the supermarket. She loves to be naughty and give a toothy, sideways grin knowing she’ll get away with murder. She laughs all the time, she snuggles all the time.

She’s my baby girl.. Except now she’s two. Happy birthday lovely girl.

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#SilentSunday- homegrown goodness


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#SilentSunday- easy riders


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